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Linfadecor 2018 official catalogue

This past year Linfadecor created almost forty new items which are visible and thoroughly documented in the 2018 official catalogue.

In the Springtime we had found ourselves surrounded by pretty flower walls which we had been planning to launch for many years on the market. They are finally available in various colour shades and are composed of PREMIUM ROSE AND HYDRANGEA .
In addition, the trendy HYDRANGEA MIRRORS are also available in the catalogue as well as new brands of preserved plants which you are certainly already acquainted with, such as the ASPIDISTRA and lovely FERNS with their characteristic and peculiar airy top parts making them unique to place as centerpieces or even to offer as gifts.

Looking for the special gift?
Infact, in our renewed and adjourned 2018 official catalogue, you will encounter plenty of items suitable to give as presents.
PENTAROMI (5 aroma sets),MINI BOUQUETS, DUO, REVERSIBLE and TAMARA are only a few of the numerous arrangements we offer you. These boast precious details and great care in the blending procedure of the various typical scents coming from the region of Provence and which end convey an almost bygone Baroque aura.

2018 will also feature the innovative partitioning element and the two Green Walls which have helped cast a green-coloured spell thanks to the Pitosphorous and Arborea Heather of which they are composed.
For the lovers of exotic and trendy furnishing solutions, we have come up with the BIG TROPICAL FOREST WALL which represents and evokes the essence of tropical rain forests both in appearance and versatile structure .

Special luxury is granted by prestigious items such as the NATURE BOARDS and the ANTIQUE PATH -LIKE TABLE which belong to the exclusive high- quality range products.

Last, but definitely not least ,are the new materials introduced in our collection adding that special touch of class to our creations.ONYX, PAKISTAN MARBLE AND IRON (submitted to the CORTEN effect)have been inserted together with traditionally used preserved plants, rendering an absolute innovative blend in the items which have so far characterized the versatile touch and exclusive style which distinguishes each Linfadecor collection.

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