Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Particolare della parete vegetale forest

This particular Green Wall was initially designed as a trendy asset to place in modern and innovative interior furnished settings. It is unique because wherever one might choose to place it, it spreads a sense of peacefulness just as if one were in direct contact with Nature.

May we now introduce our Big Tropical Forest -Type Wall!


Wing-shaped planks and boards in Cider and Oakwood,topped with a crown of Aquatic Fern.

Nature board: Oakwood and Chestnut wood.

Tropical vines and lianas.

Natural Trunks


Giant Ferns from Madagascar

Oakwood, Lycopodium, Tree-climbing Ivy and other sorts and scents of the kind.

Parrots with real feathers, in all different sizes are included as a gift for decorative purposes.

This type of Green Wall cannot be shipped ready-made. It will be set up and mounted directly by our team of decorators specialised in  installing our Green Walls on site.