Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Nature Boards

These boards are extremely fascinating and can also be mounted on walls. The Nature Boards are simply unique. The wood comes directly from either Italian Walnut, Oak or Chestnut trunks and these trendy creations are ideal for luxurious  living rooms or exquisite living spaces. The transparent varnished finishing touch helps make them not only appealing, but also quite smooth to handle. This is mostly thanks to the fine veining and typical characteristics of their wooden  structure. Preserved flat or ball-like Moss, may be chosen as a natural-looking decorative asset recalling the age-old European woods wrapped up in their mysterious hazy look.

Information: the materials used are 100% organic and this entails that their shape is that of the original piece of wood from which they derive. Consequently, the sizes can vary compared to the pictures in which they are illustrated. This is more than natural, after all, in Nature, no plant is ever exactly the same. Such differences must therefore be considered normal and cannot be regarded as defaults of any kind at all.

Mounting: it is possible to place the boards on the ground itself or hang them either horizontally according to your own needs and requirements.

Design: Linfadecor Studio

Sizes: the dimension of each particular board can vary because each single board is simply unique. The approximate size of each board is 50-80×180-210 cms

Materials: Italian Walnut, Chestnut and Oakwood (the availability of the materials varies according to what Nature itself has to offer, this is precisely why this specific article is so rare and unique in its own kind)

Finishings: transparent varnish coating

Plants: moss, ball- like moss in natural colours and shades