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Discover LinfaDecor

Preserved plants and flowers

LinfaDecor is an Italian company who has earned an international status in the world of export. For over twenty years it has been creating interior design furnishing projects with preserved plants and greenery for commercial and private settings.

The LinfaDecor team is made up of an interior designer and a flower designer who work hand in hand to create custom-sized furnishing and decorative solutions. They use preserved plants and flowers and combine them with materials like wood, glass, steel and marble. At times recycled materials are given a second chance and after a make-over they gain a new identity as well as a more contemporary look.

We have eco-friendly issues at heart and try to make a difference in our own way. However, the core business of our company are the preserved Green Walls hand-made by our craftsmen and entirely custom-made both in size and plants if necessary.

Discover Linfadecor
Team Linfadecor a lavoro su tavolo in legno con piante stabilizzate

New LinfaDecor

New products 2023

A new collection of new trees, bonsai, and furnishings capable of making us feel comfortable anywhere, from the living room of a small apartment to a grand hotel, combining exceptional design with the craftsmanship mastery.

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Preserved trees

Authentic large preserved trees for indoor settings. Unique specimens, 100% natural.

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The advantages and benefits of preserved plants and flowers

Green plants which preserve their beauty intact without any maintenance?
It’s no magic trick…it’s LinfaDecor!

Our preserved plants are real and authentic, they are 100% natural plants which thanks to an eco-friendly stabilizing technique will not wither or age. Preserved plants do not require watering, extra soil or direct sunlight exposure.

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No water

No soil

No need of light

No growth: the volume remains constant and under control

Chance of having outdoor plants indoor

2023 catalogue

Discover the brand new decorative ideas with preserved plants in the LinfaDecor 2023 Catalogue.

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All the services for your preserved greenery

LinfaDecor stands for interior decorating projects for private homes or commercial spaces, contract collaboration expertise, creative prestige in furnishing assets and preserved greenery decorations.

Our company is not merely a wholesaler. Firstly, it takes care of the designing and planning phases, and then each object created is hand-made by our skilled craftsmen. Being our own producers, we offer our clients infinite possibilities of personalizing the items they choose, creating custom-sized products according to their requirements or following the directives of interior design architects busy on large-scale projects.


Total green installation projects and interior design servicing


Custom-made creations of the preserved green walls and greenery frameworks


Scheduled cleansing services for green walls


Contract projects and rental products

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