Flate Alpine Moss

The Moss alone is enough to create the right atmosphere wherever you might want to place it.

Parete vegetale con muschio piatto

Arboreal Ivy Green Wall

Once hanging in any type of modern setting, they will help convey a natural contemporary look to your spaces.

Parete vegetale con edera


The Tray. A Glimpse of the latest trends and items ok the 2018 autumn/wintyer collection

Henry complemento con vegetali

Mix Flower Wall

The charm of Roses blends with the stunning beauty of Hydrangeas, creating an eye-catching banquet of sensual appeal.

Muro di fiori stabilizzati mix

Stabilized Plants and Flowers – Linfadecor

Stabilized plants

LinfaDecor offers its customers a vast choice of stabilized plants and flowers, a new concept of natural decorations suitable for any kind of indoor use: from exhibition and private spaces, to big shopping centers and public areas.

The stabilized plants are 100% treated in a natural and ecological way which is able to preserve their aspect, freshness and scent for many years, with no need of soil, water or sunlight.

Taking a look at our catalogue you can find a vast range of stabilized plants and accessories: from the most classic and traditional vase plants, available in several measures and variations, to the most modern decorative elements such as stabilized pictures or tube line flower boxes.

Everything is supplied together with a complete range of available services: from the creation of stabilized vegetal walls, to the rental of center-pieces and flower arrangements.

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Our products: plants, frames and stabilized compositions

Discover the elegance and design of stabilized plants, a new way to decorate and amaze with really unique products, that suit any environment.