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LinfaDecor’s role goes far beyond the sole creation and production of these preserved wonders, it also promotes a servicing campaign to help and assist customers at all times. They put their expertise at the clients’ disposal so as to help bring their projects to life successfully. They also provide assistance on the basis of specific guidelines so that the preserved greenery assets may be taken care of in the best way possible ensuring their long-lasting beauty.

Total green installation projects and interior design servicing

Our designer team prepares creations for firms, commercial businesses, events, hotels and restaurants.

Our Catalogue includes pieces of furniture, furnishing assets and various decorative products boasting preserved greenery. Our interior designers are ready to help you plan your furnishings, choose your decorative assets and offer their cooperation and advice if you wish to consult them.
They are also trained to assist you all the way through your project up to the surveying of the location and the installing and assembling phase.

Custom-made creations of the preserved green walls and greenery frameworks

Our Green Walls are hand-made by our craftsmen who use natural and authentic plants coming from sustainable flowerbeds, fields or green houses. They then undergo the stabilizing process which is totally eco-friendly and non-toxic. To be able to plan how you want your Green Wall to be, you just have to choose the plant you want from the wide range of plants available, and let us know the size of the surface you wish to cover or hang your Green Wall on.

We deliver the preserved Green Walls directly to destination. They come on ready-made panels and are ready to be hung on the wall. It is also possible to mount them on plasterboard walls, but if this were the case, you are kindly requested to let us know beforehand, while we are calculating your quotation. In this way we can take into account all the details necessary and then carry out a successful and competent installation of our product.

Green Walls have excellent sound-absorbing and isolating properties. They last for at least ten years and hardly need any maintenance. They do not require light, watering, trimming, soil or sunlight rays. This is why they are very suitable for indoor settings such as business or commercial spaces.

For the Greenery Frameworks, which can also be custom-made in the size you require, the same criteria count as for the Green Walls. As far as the listing is concerned, it is possible to choose one of the many frames we have available and specify what material or what colour you prefer. We will deliver the framework ready to be hung or ready to be mounted in case it is extremely large.

When creating Green Walls and Frameworks, we particularly concentrate on the following:


developing a 3D project and preparing a quotation


giving technical advice regarding specific mounting tips and how to place them best so that they look even better


delivering and installing them all over Italy with the help of our specialized team of decorators


advising the choice of plants to be used according to the setting in which they will be placed and taking into account what the tastes and requirements of our client are.

Scheduled cleansing services for green walls

We kindly advise all our clients who have bought a Green Wall or a series of Greenery Frameworks, to schedule a cleansing service with us. This particular service provided and carried out by our expert technicians, has to do with keeping your green panels, walls, screens or frameworks clean and in perfect condition. It also guarantees the replacement of damaged plants in case of vandalism or accidents.

This service allows the client to enjoy his or her Green Wall which will stay as good as new from the technical point of view and also as far as the colour of the plants and greenery are concerned. Any intervention will be solely carried out by our expert technicians.

After each cleansing service of the Green components, our technician will fill out a form specifying the details, thereby ensuring and maintaining a sincere relationship between the buyer and seller.

The cleansing and maintenance service includes:

  1. cleaning the Green Wall
  2. hygienic and refreshing treatment
  3. possible replacement of damaged or spoilt plants as a result of accidents
  4. putting the plants in order

It is advisable to repeat this cleansing procedure every 12/18 months.