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Metal Slite

Here we have iron and naturally oxidized metal sheets which act as a reactive basis:(metal, rust and nature). The final result is an innovative contemporary fusion of diverse elements.

The cold and static sheets are in deep contrast with the natural foliage creating an outstanding new combination.

Design: Studio Linfadecor.

Sizes: 84×84cms

Positioning: Suspended, hanging either horizontal or vertical.

Material: Iron and metal sheets treated with Corten effect.

Plants: Echinops are a species of flowering plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. They look like herbaceous vegetation: both annual or perennial shrubs which boast their characteristic roundish “ball-type” bloom and inflorescence.Their natural habitats are the rocky, wild, and arid planes at medium altitude, in which they grow in the midst of stone covered soils. They are mainly to be found in the regions of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, Asia Minor, India, as far as the Altai mountain ranges, and in Siberia too.

Colour shades available: Lime Green, Forest Green and Solidago Yellow.

Weight: 13Kgs.