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Linfadecor: plants and design, for a green life

Linfadecor: plants and design, for a green life

LinfaDecor has been working and promoting interior design projects for the past twenty years or so.
The use of preserved greenery has enabled their exclusive creations to be placed and admired in both private and public locations and settings. The renowed expertise which distinguishes the LinfaDecor teamwork is the result of a close collaboration between interior designers and flower designers working hand in hand to create astounding custom-made arrangements, assembling an amazing array of preserved types of plants and flowers. These innovative creations, which translate the mastery of flower and plant preservation techniques, are often mingled to other natural products or recycled materials such as wood, glass, iron, steel and marble. The match is a winner in the modern art of interior designing.

Our products

LinfaDecor has a wide variety of plants available counting a hundred species and types of PRESERVED PLANTS, totems, elements of Topiary Art, shrubs and decorative- purpose balls and spheres. It is even possible to get trees measuring up to 5 mts in height, preserved of course.

Skimming through the catalogue and brochures, one can also find numerous PIECES OF FURNITURE such as coffee tables, shelves, counters and display units and bookcases: all scrupulously decorated with preserved plants, flowers, petals and leaves.

Due quadri con verde stabilizzato

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Why choose us

We boast over twenty years of experience and we are specialized only and exclusively in preserved creations.

We offer our customers countless different possibilities as far as how each item can be custom- made and in this way we guarantee that each client has a unique solution which no one else has. We also guarantee the fact that our products are hand-made in Italy.

We are producers and not retailers
We offer the widest range of customization possibilities for each product.
We are interior designers
We offer 360° advice and guidance in the customization of your private or commercial spaces.
Entirely custom-made products
Let us know what you want and how you want it and we will provide you with the most suitable type of greenery.
Keys-in-hand service
We follow our clients' projects all the way: from the planning phases to the actual transport and final on-site installation.
Preserved greenery maintenance
We offer cleaning and repair servicing for our preserved products.
Creative and eco-friendly
We design and project new trends every year keeping the environmental sustainability issues in mind. We guarantee our products are eco- friendly.

Contract projects

On the basis of our clients’ requirements, we draw up temporary or ongoing contracts to satisfy their needs. We take care of the planning, transport, maintenance and installation phases of their projects.

Parete vegetale

Our target

The high-standing level of our products is for both private as well as public use. Over the years we have pursued different targets and achieved our goals in attempting to satisfy the expectations of each of the following category targets:

  • Wedding ceremonies held in villas and countryside mansions
  • Booths and stands at exhibition and annual fairs
  • Fashion settings for fashion events
  • Professional studios and offices
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Reception halls and meeting lounges (specifically organized on behalf of firms and companies)/li>
  • Boutiques
  • Shops ( chemists, herbalist’s shops and health food stores, beauty parlours)
  • Spa and health and fitness centres
  • Department stores and malls
Parete vegetale