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Preserved trees

Preserved plants are lovely plants which come from all over the world and that do not require any maintenance whatsoever. These natural specimens have been chosen for their innate beauty and subsequently treated in our labs in their full-blossom stages.
The eco-friendly stabilizing technique procedures halt the growth of these authentic plants and trees and they will therefore no longer change in size and will stay the same for years to come. LinfaDecor preserved plants, trees and greenery do not require any watering, additional soil or trimming. They are to be placed strictly indoors and must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

They can be subdivided in Ferns, Bonsai midget-trees, Cypresses, Ficus and Eucalyptus, Jumbo, Palms, Topiaries, Totem and decorative spheres and ball-like elements which are perfect for window-shop displays and other installation structures.

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