Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Tavolino complemento con vegetali stabilizzati

There are more than 400 years of history secretly concealed in each single table.
The Old Path is an article made of genuine Olive tree wood which lives and lasts for centuries and actually dates back to around 1550-1600.
These small tables belong to a limited edition, and are lacquered with a fine transparent varnishing process. The size of each table is about 150cms.
The Old Path collection includes original and unique tables which vary in shape, characteristics, veining and colour. The apparent differences between each model are the essential factors which end up by distinguishing them.
The preserved meadow and Lichen are available in different colours and they are set in between the wood structure. A tempered glass cover is placed on top.
It is a unique piece of art which you may choose to personalise on the basis of a particular shade or type of preserved plants,turning it into a centre piece in the most sophisticated locations.

Information: the materials used are authentic and 100% organic- This entails that their shape and size will constantly vary in each single table, compared to the pictures in which they are illustrated- In Nature no plant is exactly the same and such differences must be considered as completely normal and cannot be regarded as defaults or ever become the cause of any dispute or complaints. regarding the lack of uniformity in this naturally-based artistic collection.

Design: Linfadecor Studio

Sizes: The dimension of each model can vary . The size is approx. 90x150x25h cms

Materials: Multi century-old olive tree wood, dating back to 1550-1600. Precious wood, extremely unique. Standing on full Iron feet.

Finishings: transparentvaarnish coating

Plants: Either preserved meadow or Lichen in varous colour shades, covered by a temperate glass pane to preserve the preserved plants inserted.