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preserved plants

Preserved plants

Green plants which preserve their beauty intact without any maintenance? It’s no magic trick…it’s LinfaDecor!

Our preserved plants are real and authentic, they are 100% natural plants which thanks to an eco-friendly stabilizing technique will not wither or age. Preserved plants do not require watering, extra soil or direct sunlight exposure.

No water

No soil

No need of light

No growth: the volume remains constant and under control

Ufficio con piante stabilizzate

Advantages and benefits of preserved plants and flowers

Preserved trees, plants and flowers are perfectly suited to the professional world: they do not require any type of maintenance and therefore it is possible to maintain quality vegetation throughout the year in a closed environment.
We are pleased to introduce you to this new type of floral and vegetable decoration that allows you to reconcile the pleasant appearance, flexibility and freshness of natural vegetation.


No maintenance

They do not need water, sun and soil or fertilizer.

Acoustic improvement

They dampen and reduce noise making the environment more comfortable.

No growth

The volume remains constant and controlled. This also allows you to have outdoor plants in indoor environments.
Ufficio con piante stabilizzate

The stabilization process: how preserved plants are born

The LinfaDecor stabilizing technique is a completely natural and eco-friendly process during which the lymph of plants is replaced with substances which enhance the preservation and stabilization of natural plants. Furthermore, this helps stop the plants and flowers from ageing or decaying. They remain exactly the same as what they looked like before having undergone the treatment. Having been chosen when they were at the climax of their growth or blossom, they will stay that way forever. The stabilizing technique consequently allows us to decorate indoor settings with authentic plants always looking their best and which don’t need any watering, soil or sunlight to keep on surviving.

Flowers, plants and leaves are collected during their best moment of their life cycle, while having their best aspect. Only after a meticulous selection they pass into the stabilization room. A micro climate is then recreated finding the perfect balance between humidity, heat and light. These conditions are constantly monitored. The plants are placed inside long bath tubs covered by a liquid glycerine base mixture, water and food coloring. During this process, that can last for a few days, the lymph of the plant evaporates and it is replaced by this new mixture.In the end, the plants are rinsed and hanged to dry for a few days. Quality control and cleansing are performed before the plants are shipped.

Preserved greenery does not require watering or sunlight and this is exactly why it is the perfect solution for indoor design purposes, taking advantage of the fact that the decorative preserved plants and items you might choose can be used in spaces where winter heating or summer air conditioning does not affect them. They also do not need natural light and can therefore be placed in indoor corridors of department stores, executive business office spaces, halls, waiting rooms, mansions and private homes.

Designer insegna come si fanno le piante stabilizzate
Tecnico controlla il processo di stabilizzazione delle piante stabilizzate

Why should we choose preserved plants?

The choice of using preserved plants for decorative purposes is based on many reasons:

  1. so as to create something amazing like Green Walls, flowered ceilings and many other outstanding furnishing solutions without limiting our imagination and creativity;
  2. so as to decorate commercial spaces with these sorts of plants and greenery which do not require any maintenance, watering, trimming, lighting or specific temperature regulation;
  3. so as to design and create exclusive furnishing assets with the plants, greenery and foliage blending with the object and becoming a sole charming item;
  4. so as to design and project temporary installations like exhibition booths, photo shooting sessions and events, having the possibility of using the preserved greenery props again in other circumstances, without having to worry they might wither or perish;
  5. so as to be able to decorate in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Our floral creations remain intact and unaltered for at least a decade;
  6. so as to add a personal touch to our commercial spaces, making them differ from the rest and which will make them unforgettable;
  7. so as to be able to create arrangements with flowers and plants coming from all over the world, including rare and delicate specimens.
Manutenzione e pulizia di quadro con piante stabilizzate in un bagno

Instructions and tips for cleaning preserved plants

Preserved plants are the ideal solution for having “Green” decorations which do not require any care or constant maintenance. We advise you to follow some basic “do’s” and “don’ts” so as to make sure your preserved plants will last for more than a decade and keep looking the way they did when you once bought them:

  1. keep your plants away from any heating device as, for example, heaters
  2. do not water, spray or clean the plants with a moist cloth
  3. place your plants indoors and never outdoors
  4. if needed dust them using a cold-air hairdryer blowing downwards and at minimum power
  5. avoid placing or leaving the plants near windows under direct sunlight rays for a long time
  6. if you were to notice any moths or smaller insects, use the LinfaDecor specific product (spray it every week for a month long), keeping it at a 50cms distance from the preserved plants
  7. maintain a humidity level of around 50-65%

At the beginning, immediately after the stabilizing process, it might be possible that the plants will smell slightly of a typical forest undergrowth scent, but don’t worry, it won’t last long. What is also perfectly natural is the possibility that, with time, the colours might slightly fade.

Manutenzione e pulizia di quadro con piante stabilizzate in un bagno