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The new entries of the LinfaDecor collection are now available!

The Summer ’23 Collection boasts 13 new entries. Let’s find out together more about what we have in store starting from our preserved plants.

PRESERVED OAKWOOD BONSAI TREES were first introduced in the 2022 Autumn Collection as a limited edition version. Having been greatly appreciated, we  have once again included them in our Catalogue and they are available from now on. There are two different models of the Oakwood Bonsai Trees: the ones with a single trunk and those with two trunks. There are three different colours of preserved foliage to choose from: Ocre, Red or Green colour shades.

The LinfaDecor family of the Preserved Eucalyptus Trees also has a new entry, probably the best so far: the PRESERVED  EUCALYPTUS STUARTIANA TREE. It is a charming creation boasting a full crown and an Ebony-like, smooth, dark trunk tainted with Bordeaux-red streaks. The Eucalyptus Stuartiana Tree is available in the Honey-yellow and Mint-green shades of colour.

We have used this wonderful specimen to create two new and exclusive furnishing assets. These can be used both as high-end seating elements or as eye-catching decorative assets fit to be placed in halls,  waiting rooms or lobby seating areas. They are the STUART MINT BENCH and the STUART HONEY BEAM BENCH. They are seating elements made out of Walnut Tree wooden planks or Oakwood beams and we have inserted our hand-made Terracotta vases in these trendy structures. What makes them so exclusive is the fact that they are entirely hand-made by skillfull craftsmen in Italy.

Another fascinating seating element which we have recently launched in our Catalogue collection is the POND BENCH. It can come in either Chestnut Tree / Fir Tree / or Oak Tree wooden boards fitted with our latest, hand-made Terracotta POND VASE which has been adorned and filled with preserved natural field shrubs and wild flowers.

We rentlessly pursue our research of different and alternative materials to be then used in our creations and for this season’s collection we have chosen to introduce two newcomers: the WHITE ONYX STONE and the WOODEN FOSSIL. They are available in a capsule collection version of exclusive table centerpieces and each one has been decorated using preserved greenery.

For the fans of trendy furnishing assets we propose our HUG COFFEE TABLE. The Walnut Tree or Ash Tree wooden trunks interwine and embrace a sphere-like Terracotta structure clustered with bushy preserved Ball-like Moss inserts.

The above-mentioned latest trends speak for themselves and are most certainly wonderful furnishing assets, however, our  HANA SHIELDS are the ones that steal the show. These beautiful full-iron shields are imposing panels to hang on walls and are available in many different diameter sizes. There is a vast choice of preserved flowers of a wide range of colour shades that you can choose from, including  the brand new Preserved Orchids you have for so long been waiting for.

LinfaDecor wishes to guarantee a full 360° service in decorating your spaces by offering all kinds of furnishing assets you may possibly request and want to display in your settings. This is why we have decided to include additional new vases to our Summer collection. The two new latest vases we have created are the LIGHT DENIM VASE in Terracotta clay and the INTERWOVEN REED BASKET.

We are slowly but steadily approaching the Autumn season, a time when you will be thrilled to show off your COUNTRY BAGS. These will look as lovely as can be when placed in rural countryside accomodations, villas, bed and breakfast facilities and in thermal wellness centres. These innovative bag-like vases are the testimonials of the Dafne Pascolini exclusive brand. They are made of eco-friendly cellulose fibre and have been decorated by our designer and filled with attractive preserved wild shrubs and flowers.

We are always available for any further questions you might have.

Enjoy watching the video.