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Tetris framework

The Tetris framework expresses our desire to constantly  invent new and innovative shapes as well as coming up with eye-catching and original materials which make our LinfaDecor creations unique and help them stand out and distinguish themselves. Tetris used to be a popular videogame in the 80’s, and according to Stanford University still ranks in the top ten most important games nowadays. We named our framework after it because it served us as our inspiration source. As background support Tetris has a steel plate with a frame all around it. The frames can either be white or grey and have the typical marble vein-like effect. The standard size is 94.5×94.5 cms, but just like with any other LinfaDecor creation, it can also be custom-made  so as to fit the requirements of our clients. The key elements of the Tetris framework are the various wooden components, made of rough timber in which  three different colour shades of Preserved Lawn have been inserted. They all have magnets on the back  enabling them to stick easily to the steel plate, as well as making it possible to move them around in different ways so as to create infinite unique combinations. This is exactly why this decorative asset is so special. The choice of what preserved greenery to use also varies, it can either be of one colour only, or you can choose to mix all the three different colour shades of the Preserved Lawn together: Beech Green, Natural Green and Winter Green. Tetris is eccentric, charming and original. It will definitely steal the show when placed in business settings or when hung in the studios of Architects, Entrepreneurs or would even look good  in Public Relation offices. The innovative geometrical shapes will help give that special ‘informal-design’ touch to your commercial spaces.

Design: Franco Ariazzi

Sizes: cms 94.5×94.5 x 8

Positioning: Suspended

Plants: preserved field herbs