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The 2021-2022 Autumn/Winter LinfaDecor Magazine

The 2021-2022 Autumn/Winter edition of the LinfaDecor Magazine is now available.
We have launched eleven brand new products fit for your homes, offices and business spaces. They have all been created by our designers and have been hand-made in Italy by our skilled craftsmen.
Each and every item of the 2021-2022 Fall/Winter Collection is exclusive and boasts authentic plants and greenery that have been preserved with our special stabilizing technique.

Two new partition panels have been added to our Catalogue. MOLECOLA is a decorative sculpture made of Corten-steel topped with the following preserved greenery: Lichen originating from North European countries and Tamarind Moss. BRECCIA is the other innovative partition screen and it is basically a massive panel made of old Oakwood trunks. Both screens are extremely functional because they are double-sided and therefore can be seen from both sides. Their self-supporting pedestal enables you to place them in an upright position to create additional separate spaces in a room and in this way guaranteeing privacy if needed.

Botanika and Dolmen are two brand new decorative items.
BOTANIKA can be used to decorate reception halls, desktops and buffet tables. It is used as business-card holder or can also serve as a display unit for products. This original ornamental support is available in standard sizes as well as in the flashy and unique, 100cms-long version.
DOLMEN is the very first cell-phone holder that we have included in our Catalogue. This contemporary furnishing asset is not only handy but lovely too. It has been carved out of Stone Pinewood found growing in the Dolomite-mountain ranges. A beneficial characteristic of this type of wood is that it releases a soothing fragrance which helps relaxation. The STONE-PINEWOOD TABLE is beautiful and it is also made of the same kind of wood (Pinus Cembra). The types of foliage used to decorate it are preserved leafy branches of Coniferous Pinewood needles, preserved Alpine Rhubarb stems and preserved Star-shaped Moss inserts.

FLORA GLASS is another novelty and represents an innovative and unparalleled step taken into the realm of Greenery Decorative Art by our company. We are indeed extremely proud of what we have created. Flora Glass are basically different panels made of plexiglass which when assembled and placed, create a whole new floor. These panels are hollow on the inside and resemble showcases which we have accurately filled with preserved flowers and plants. They come in two sizes and can even be sold separately. This is why they can be then assembled in many different ways and used to decorate shop windows, serving as display units, placed in exhibition stands or in other types of display installments. These ultra-modern, eye-catching, multi-functional showcases look even more stunning when placed at different levels, some higher and others lower.

The LINFADECOR SICILIAN MAJOLICAS are the result of our collaboration with the famous pottery experts from Caltagirone. These typical Sicilian traditional decorative wall elements are hand-painted and are meant to be hung. Our innovative decorative furnishing assets boast a combination of exquisite majolicas, old Oakwood and preserved foliage and greenery. The four inspirational themes of this typically Mediterranean collection represent the different phases of a day: Dawn, Afternoon, Dusk and Night which are evoked thanks to the vast range of bright colour-shades and the charm of all the different types of preserved plants and species of greenery available to choose from.

TETRIS and METAL SELF are the latest greenery frameworks that we have added to our Catalogue. Both have been created using re-cycled metal sheets. The former is decorated with magnet-based wooden units with Preserved Lawn inserts; the latter with a Preserved Floral Mix and/or Forest-type greenery.

Last but not least, we are proud to present the Preserved JAPANESE RED MAPLE TREE. It definitely deserves being part of the wide range of preserved plants which we have created and that we provide as furnishing alternatives and solutions for your indoor spaces. It has an amazing red crown of foliage and is also available in the midget-BONSAI TREE version.
Buying a LinfaDecor product means you are choosing something long lasting, as if you were making an investment for the future, with your home or business in mind. LinfaDecor products not only boast the “Made-in-Italy” logo, which guarantees quality, but they are also all hand-made with first-class, eco-friendly and recycled materials. They represent innovation in the interior decorating line of work. All of our preserved plants and types of greenery are eco-friendly, non-toxic and 100% natural and authentic. When you buy our products, you get the chance of having various decorative assets made with plants, greenery or foliage coming from all over the world. These plants are real and can easily last for a decade without any kind of maintenance necessary.