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Promotion – 2017 Summer Collection

The 2017 Summer Collection Promotion will begin on 1stJune and it launches four different amazing offers to welcome this new season.
You may choose to buy the different Ferns which are on offer in the 2017 Summertime Collection , such as the Asplenium, the Imperial,the Maidenhair or the Parchment Fern. Moreover,don’t forget to take advantage of the 7-10% extra discounts applied.
Still not good enough? Well, this year’s Summer’s Collection has a wonderful surprise. If you decide to go for the Full Promotion offer, a gift will come with it.
The “Pentaromi” set of five Herbal plants in regenerated leather vases will be yours free of charge!
If, instead, you are looking for a wiide array of products to choose from, which fully represents the quality and spirit of our latest collection​, then the PROMO BIG FOUR is precisely what you are looking for! It includes the Aspidistra Fern, the Bonsai tree, the”Pentaromi” set of five Herbal plants and the exclusive oak wood Nature boards available with an additional 15% discount and an amazing gift on top of it!

Check the promotion offers out and choose what best suits you.
You still have time to do so until the 4th August. And make sure you dont miss out on anything!

Promotion - Summer 2017