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floor with flowers Flora Glass

After having dressed-up walls and ceilings with our Preserved Green Walls and Panels, LinfaDecor has decided to launch alternative solutions to decorate floors. The LinfaDecor Floor was first created to cover the treading surface areas in exhibition stands and conference halls. This gave the guests and visitors the illusion and impression that they were literally walking on top of preserved flowers and leaves, even if these were covered by the protective layer of the transparent plexiglass floor panel. The LinfaDecor Floor is available in two models which can be assembled or combined. They are 15mms thick and the plexiglass material is extremely resistant and totally see-through. Such floor panels are in fact types of display showcases which may be placed on top of already existing floors or assembled in custom-made combinations. They are exclusively meant to cover the floor space in stands at exhibitions or other commercial settings with similar characteristics and purposes. These flat, transparent plexiglass display units are filled with preserved plants .They are available in two different types: the FLORAL MIX or the MEDITERRANEAN-TYPE composition boasting additional preserved greenery.

Design: Linfadecor

Formats: 60x60cms, Height 18cms / 60x30cms, Height 8cms

Material: transparent plexiglass (extra see-through) 15mms thick

Greenery:  Floral Mix or Mediterranean Type