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Pine wood table

The Stone-Pinewood Tree or Pinus Cembra is the only kind of mountain pinewood found in Europe which boasts five pine needles. It is a very special sort of tree which can be found growing in the wild at an altitude of over 1,200 mts. It infact grows best in the mountain regions where there are the most favourable and suitable conditions for its growth at altitudes ranging from 1,600 mts up to 2,100 mts high. This type of wood is mainly used to make pieces of furniture and typical handicraft sculptures (like the famous ones made in the Gardena Valley). It is also used in food processing methods (such as in the preparation of the notorious “strudel” apple cake) as well as also being used in the production of cosmetics. It is a fairly soft and tender kind of wood and is therefore ideal for being used in the carving of handicraft creations such as those which proudly represent the traditional type of wooden art in the Dolomite mountain range areas.

Why is it so good for us?

It has soothing properties: on entering a room which has been furnished with Stone-Pinewood pieces of furniture, one can’t help noticing that the scent released by this specific sort of wood evokes a pleasant sensation. It spreads  a delicate yet intense aroma and its sweet scent is both captivating and relaxing at the same time. Research carried out at the Joanneum Research Institute in Austria have stated  how effective Stone-Pine wood can be. It has been proved that it has positive effects and promotes the physical and psychological wellness of human beings. Some of the most renowed characteristics of the Pinus Cembra Pinewood tree are the following: it helps people relax and fall asleep easily, it improves our blood circulation and, last but not least, it helps stimulate our body and mind in a positive way.

Table/ board made up of two planks joined together ( to form a single piece)

Plank Finishings: natural untreated raw wood, not varnished

Base: painted steel  in grey cast-iron colour shade

Foliage decoration: Preserved branches of Coniferous Pinewood needles, Preserved stems of the Alpine Rhubarb and Preserved Star-shaped Moss inserts.

Sizes: 205x100cms, height 80cms