Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Vegetable framework Geometric

Our Metal Collection, as well as the plain basic shapes, have been the main source of inspiration for our innovative Geometric Frames. These pure, clean-cut shaped raw iron sheets have been decorated with our preserved plants such as the hanging-type Ivy and the Aquatic Fern, with the addition of recycled Oak wood inserts. The end result has guaranteed that very same basic simplicity of style which is their essential charm. These Geometric Frames have been rigorously designed as decorative assets and would come in handy if used as magnetic boards in creative business offices and studios of designers, planners and architects. The magnets are included and come together with the frameworks.They would fit best with modern and contemporary interior décors or, placed in private homes and business spaces to create contrast in style with the already existing furnishings.

Design: Franco Ariazzi

Sizes: 114×74  / 74×74 cms – diam. 75/ 60

Positioning: Suspended

Material: iron

Plants: Forest typology