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Trunks Pear

Tronchi Pero

Design: Studio Linfadecor

Seat/display trunk  in Pear solid wood. Inserts in camouflage Lichen. 

Insert variants: lateral and upper U-shape insert, perimetral 4-sided insert 


Large        Cm 30×30  h 100

Medium  Cm 30×30 h    60

Small         Cm 30×30 h 40

Finish: Natural with fine oils that stand out the beauty and the aesthetical quality of the wood.  

The Pear (Pyrus Communis) belongs to Rosaceae family. Its origin is very ancient, it comes from Asia and there are various species. It is a fruit tree of small size, it is not more than 15-20 m. high, its trunk is thin, basically straight. The Pear tree has green and bright oval leaves and its fruit is obviously the pear. The Pear wood has always been a fine wood, widely used in modeling and mostly by lute-makers to produce musical instruments such as flutes.  


Download data sheet of lichen colors