Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Cedar Trunk

Tree  Large

Design: Studio Linfadecor


Large        Cm 30×30  h 100

Medium  Cm 30×30 h    60

Small         Cm 30×30 h 40

Wood:  Chestnut Solid Wood.

Finish:  natural with refined oils that stand out the beauty and the aesthetical quality of the wood. 

Inserts: flat stabilized Alpine Moss or stabilized Northern Lichen, recessed at the same level of the plane.

Possible defects, cracks or tone differences are not subject of objection: in Nature there is not a tree similar to another one. Wood is an ALIVE material and can have a natural adaptation, mainly due to weather conditions. This is the evidence and pride of purchasing a hand-made article, exclusively original


Download data sheet of lichen colors