Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Muschio stabilizzato della pianta del tamarindo

The Tamarind Moss  is a type if  Moss that originally grew  on the Tamarind Tree and which has subsequently been treated and preserved. It has a wood-like type structure and a rather compact density. The Tamarind tree grows principally in Africa and India and is famous for the refreshing drink made from its delicious fruits and for  the Herbal medicinal properties it boasts. Thanks to its crispy structure and wood-like texture, the compact TAMARIND MOSS has become a trendy, innovative and original decorative asset which blends in perfectly in fashionable and design oriented spaces and settings. What makes this item so special is that it is the first type of preserved green wall that can not only be hung indoors but outdoors too! It can be placed in the entrance halls of restaurants, hotels and exclusive boutiques and shops, as well as in the arcades and  gardens of private villas and mansions. One can choose four different colours (100% eco natural), one of which is the Natural look colour shade. MIX is the possible combination of two of the standard colours available which one can choose to blend so as to create an original, abstract and personalized colour scheme. The natural colour shade of the Tamarind Moss is reddish like the marrow of the tree itself. It has a curly texture, it is of firm consistency and is also humidity-resistant. This particular long lasting characteristic is the precise advantage of its exclusive properties, enabling us to position the preserved Tamarind Moss green walls and panels outdoors where they not only become a decorative asset, but also serve for thermal insulation.

Please note that only the Tamarind Moss panels in the “Natural” colour shade are fit for outdoor use.

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