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Small Table Radura

Original small table, carved out of a single plank or log of antique Oakwood.These exclusive creations are based upon the natural raw material specimens from  which they are made of, thus rendering each and every one different and consequently unique. Their opaque lacquered polished surface has an extremely smooth and soft touch.The sturdy thickness of the wooden tables is a guarantee for these strong, resistant , high quality pieces of furniture. What also turns them into very appealing decorative and furnishing elements is the typical warm colour shade of this type of wood, with its chocolate coloured veins which it boasts, conveying an unmistakable elegant aura to these original Oakwood tables. They are fit to be placed in wide open spaces as well as living and waiting rooms, typically found in exclusive and high-standing settings. The base, made of iron with antique bronze finishings, gives the tables on one hand,a modern touch but also makes them almost  look like a classic sculpture. The preserved Green plant decorative arrangement set upon the Oakwood table is made up of authentic Ball-type Moss and preserved Ferns which have by now become the standard status symbol representing the exclusive LinfaDecor brand.

DESIGN: Studio Linfadecor

SIZES: 130X70 height 35 (The sizes differ due to the exclusivity of each and every model)

GREEN PLANTS: Ball-type Moss and Ferns

INFO: The materials used are 100% authentic, natural and organic.We wish to remind our clients that the shape and sizes of each plant and tree in Nature is never the same and this is why our products might appear to be slightly different from those illustrated in the pictures. This is obviously due to the fact that what grows in Nature is unique in its kind and this difference therefore cannot ever become the reason for any future complaint on behalf of our customers. The essence of the natural difference between each and every model should,instead, be regarded as an exclusive advantage of the particular item you choose.