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Preserved parvifolia eucalyptus topiary

This plant belongs to the family of the Myrtaceae. Native to the Australian continent, it is indeed mainly found growing in Australia. It is similar to most of the other species of Eucalyptus, except for the size of its leaves which result to be smaller than the other typical ones. However, it still shares one of the most common characteristics of these types of plants, the typical delicious scent is undoubtedly the same as others.

Size: diam. 55/60 cm, h 70/80 cm.

Vase: The vase is included with the fern. It is made of cellullose fibre and it is flexible and washable at 30° in the washing machine.You can choose how to model and alter the vase by bending it into classical moulds or crumpling it into more trendy and modern shapes. You will add that extra special touch to your interior decorative style. Its almost scrambled look makes it an original, authentic and vintage asset in your furnishings. It is available in the colour of Linnen.

Plants: parvifolia eucalyptus