Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Prato stabilizzato

Imagine you can walk barefoot on the meadow, in the rooms of your activity, but also at home…

A soft meadow, green and blooming, perfectly well-finished “We have done it”

The preserved meadow is a real news in the plant décor.

It can be placed wherever you want, easily, it does not stain, it does not need water or light.

The preserved meadow is a usable floor area and it is suitable for indoor use only.


Technical Characteristics

FORMATS: The meadow is sold per square meter, by strips, precisely cm 90×40 / 30×40

So, one square meter is composed of 2 strips, cm 90×40 and 2 of 40×30.

The minimum order is 5 square meters. .

LAYING: it is strongly recommended to place it on the floor only. Anyway, it is possible to place it on a wall too; in this case, please contact our technical department for sizes, supports and feasibility.

FIXING: the strip is sold equipped with an anti-sliding carpet. Floor fixing is not necessary, just to make the cleaning and air exchange easier.

WEIGHT: 7 to 10 kg per square meter (approximate information), changeable according to the humidity of the plant absorbing it.

THICKNESS:  5 /7 cm. With no support (approximate information), the plant material has no specific dimensions.

PLACEMENT:  indoor use only.

PLANTATION AND GATHERING: the meadow is gathered only in areas of continuous production cycle, respecting the environment.

PACKAGING: recyclable carton boxes.

PRESERVED PRODUCT: 100% natural glycerine

COLOURING:  acid green, May green effect. It is possible to carry out sampling colouring with no price increase.

CAUTIONS: Do not directly expose to sun rays.

Do not place in contact with convector heaters or floor heating systems.

Do not water, vaporize or clean with water.

Keep an hydrometric rate not over 70%.

Consider normally a slight difference of colour in the course of time.

The light smell of plant, mainly in the starting phase of the placement is a natural phase, typical of 100% real plants: typical of the products that can be found in the nature.

Instructions for placement and after it:

Level the ground from parts of concrete or other pieces that can make the floor not homogeneous.

Unroll the meadow stripes, cut and shape with a cutter, according to the dimension of the area to be placed on. It is recommended to lay out the meadow, following the inclination sense of the grass; this is to give a better colour homogeneity under incident light too (sunrise/sunset).

Place the edge of the meadow as close as possible. This will make the same connection less visible. Please note that connection, in fresh meadows too, are naturally evident.

Please note that just after the placement, as the grass has been bended down for a long time as stored in boxes, it is necessary to take time to adjust to the room (mainly in wintertime). It is recommended to brush the connections with garden soft brushes as this helps the grass standing up. In case, please repeat the operation more times, after some days.

Cleaning and maintenace

ZERO MAINTENANCE. It is recommended to dust occasionally with a soft paint brush or vacuum cleaner, low speed, soft brush.