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Preserved Meadow Frame

The Preserved Lawn or Meadow framework is one of the many types of preserved greenery trendy accessories which are nowadays used as furnishing assets. Lately, these innovative eye- catching  frames have become a must- have, adding an exquisite and exclusive touch to your private and business places.  Our Preserved Meadow frames  are stealing the show and these custom- made, wall- decorating panels can be fitted in many different frames and you can choose which ones you prefer. Two types of meadow are available: a single- colured version and a multi- coloured one. The colour shades of the turf available are: May Green (acid green), Natural Forest Green or Winter Green, which when used in the multi- coloured version, blends perfectly with the geometrical- design shapes created. Preserved Meadow frames is an amazing creative asset which boasts an unusually attractive texture evoking pleasant sensations when looking at it or even touching it. The bright green colours of this preserved lawn are very characteristic. The choice of which frame you will then want it in, will help you decide where exactly you will want to place this exclusive decorative wall panel. Last but not least, don’t forget it is 100 % eco- friendly and that it requires no maintenance at all!

Greenery: Meadow.

Size: cms 120×70 / 90×40

Framework finishings: please download the technical sheet for further specific details.

Extras included:  hanging hooks already fitted on the framework, wall- fixing kit with support- screws, felt pads to be placed on the back side of frame, user instruction manual and cleansing directives leaflet .

Download data sheet