Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Preserved Californian Bonsai

This plant mainly grows in the deserts of California and Nevada. It withstands extreme temperature variations and long periods of drought. Its wave-like curved trunk is fit to stand very strong winds and gales. Moreover, it is smooth and boasts a typical sun-burnt brownish colour due to its  extended sun exposure. One of the main advantages  plant preservation and stabilizing techniques offer is that such exotic, delicate and somewhat rare plants are, as a result,  made fit and suitable to be kept in our homes and commercial spaces. Normally it would be highly unlikely they would survive once removed from their natural habitat and this Californian plant is a clear example of this special and unique opportunity we are being offered.

Sizes: cms 75×60 H 65/75

Cement flower vase included. Available in the following colour shades: Cement- grey or anthracite colour.