Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Onda preserved greenery framework

This is not only a dynamic, decorative framework, but it is also a very original creation due to the fact that the top side of the panel has been rounded off, giving it an unusual and contemporary look. These ONDA frameworks, boasting a variety of preserved plants and greenery, belong to the Metal Rust Green Collection which is renowed for using old and dismissed materials, then recycled and brought back to life thanks to the addition of  preserved plants. They have now become renewed items and represent the Green Design trend of furnishing assets. The creative concept based on representing the passing of Time, has enabled Nature to take over and create its new spaces by growing  unexpectedly on the surfaces of waste industrial materials. This proves how powerful Nature is and how its everlasting beauty prevails no matter what. The ONDA frameworks are available both in the corroded copper versions and in the oxidized Corten steel ones. On both types of alloy frames, different preserved plants and greenery have been inserted so as to create exclusively trendy frameworks.

Design: Franco Ariazzi

Sizes: 90x26cms/ height 110cms

Materials: metal plates

Finishings: oxidized Corten Steel or Copper plates

Greenery on the Corten Steel panels: Heather, Water Fern, Tillandsia, Preserved hanging plants inserted on the top rim of the framework.

Greenery on the corroded Copper panels: Preserved Star- shaped Moss and Moss originating from the French Provence region, stuck on the surface of the framework.