Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Oak Trunks

Oak Trunk:


Large        Cm 30×30  h 100

Medium    Cm 30×30 h    60

Small         Cm 30×30 h 40

Wood: Old Oak Solid Wood.

Finish:  natural with refined oils that stand out the beauty and the aesthetical quality of the wood. 

Inserts: stabilized northern lichen, recessed at the same level of the plane (colours optionally)

The Oak Wood is one of the most refined ones, used for flooring, furniture, barrels to age wines and liquors. Oak Wood is mostly popular in middle-west Europe, on mountain and hill slopes; in Italy it is prevailing in alpine and pre-alpine valleys and usually, it is in pure woods or together with beech tree, birch, white ironwood and holly.       

Possible defects, cracks or tone differences are not subject of objection: in Nature there is not a tree similar to another one. Wood is an ALIVE material and can have a natural adaptation, mainly due to weather conditions. This is the evidence and pride of purchasing a hand-made article, exclusively original.    

Download data sheet of lichen colors