Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Ninfa flower vases

This appealing arrangement has been especially designed for planters and flower vases and is composed of Forest-type plants. If necessary, it can also be made with other flower essences or extracts, or, if requested, can be composed of just one single sort of plant or flower only. It can be considered reasonably large in size and stands out best if placed on the ground. It is fit for both private home settings and business places.This arrangement is made out of authentic preserved plants, which, just like all our other plants, need no light or watering to  preserve their natural beauty intact.

Design: Studio Linfadecor

Sizes: 100 x 60 cms x 100h ( these items are unique and their size might vary)

Plants: Forest-type

Vase: made of Polyethylene, washable and available in three different colour shades: snow white, smoke-grey and pastel powder colour.

Info: Please note that all the plants used in our creations are authentic, organic and 100% natural. Consequently, the shapes and sizes of each plant may slightly differ: nothing is ever the same in Nature and this is exactly why we cannot guarantee to provide identical replicas of the plants you originally see illustrated in the photos. These variations, due to how Nature takes its course, are innate characteristics and cannot be therefore considered as defects or turn out to be liable for any further complaint.