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New Floral Wall

After having created various customed-sized Preserved Floral Walls, these creations of stabilized plants and flowers are now to be found in the Linfadecor on-line catalogue and brochures.They have finally become part of the standard production.

Floral Walls are a fashion trend found both at Red carpet events and in pretigious boutiques around the world,as well as in the photo- shoot settings of commercials and ads.

LinfaDecor selects premium preserved Roses and Hydrangeas, placing and fixing them one by one, by hand, according to way each client wishes to have them. These creative Floral Walls are totally innovative, custom made and personalised.
The other latest items available are the Hydrangea mirrors, an esplosive mix of flower design and of interior decorating function, which will most definitely surprise your guests and clients.

Find out more about the new collection of Floral Walls and order your own customed-sized model.