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LinfaDecor new products – Autumn 2016

This Autumn season brings good tidings and offers a brand new range of interior decorating items, suitable for both private and domestic settings, as well as public spaces (such as hotels, restaurants, airports, offices, boutiques, health clubs, spa resorts and cruise ships).

There are Seven new trendy creations which you absolutely have to take a look at: they all have stabilized lichen inserted, some are units which may be assembled and fit together, or not, as you please, and they all have the peculiar characteristic of being created and made from recycled materials.

Three frameworks pave the way to the launching of these innovative trends. First and foremost, there is the CEMENT GREEN model, in which, for the very first time, unusual materials, such as cement and moss, have been combined and inserted in large, clean-cut panels. The JOINT UNIT structure and the CRACK PICTURES instead, recall the renowed classical Linfadecor style characteristic: stabilized lichen inserts and creations. The former, are in fact separate units destined to be positioned on tables or walls, and which may be fitted, adjusted and/or assembled according to your own personal needs and taste. The latter, the CRACK PICTURES model, is an extremely innovative combination of lichen with jute coffee bags and it will definitely catch the eye and conquer the heart of contemporary art lovers.

For furnishing purposes, Linfadecor has come up with three new items. The FLOW SHELF appears to be ideal for reception and dynamic hall and entrance spaces. The LINK TABLE also boasts the innovative aspect of the Green plant inserts behind glass. The mini HIDE SCREEN seems particularly fit for the interior decorating function of public spaces. Thanks to it’s Forest type of vertical Green plant inserts, it simply adds an appealing and irresistible touch to the indoor settings in which you choose for it to hang.

Last but not least, the widely appreciated and original CALENDAR model, is an ultra modern design asset which “as time goes by” will certainly become a typically pleasant and handy habit and ritual during your leisure time.

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