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LinfaDecor launches twenty new items

A mid-summer’s token: LinfaDecor launches twenty new items on the market adding a breath of novelty to their already trendy catalogue.

The “new entries” have arrived and are as appealing as ever.

Have a look at the famous and latest preserved plant collection boasting nine brand new types of green plants suitable for both TABLE and/or GROUND arrangements. Their typical Autumn-like foliage is either blossomed or bright Emerald Green.

The TOPIARY HYDRANGEA has already become one of the favourites and is available in an a range of different colour shades.

The SAVANNAH IRON picture frames represent, by now, the renowed “rough” side of the entire collection and their three-dimensional innovative aspect and effect is clearly the secret of their great success and popularity.

The TRAY, instead, is still the perfect present to make and is bound to become the number one” must have” item to help you start the day in the right way.

The HENRI TABLE could become the center piece around which you choose to meet your hotel guests in the reception hall , whereas the DRAPE FLOWER PARTITIONING could be perfect to help you invent and create alternative spots and restricted areas where to enjoy your privacy.

POCHER is the most flexible item of all thanks to the innumerable ways in which it can be matched and assembled.

Last but not least, both stylish and exclusive restaurants, as well as the hot shot corporate offices, will absolutely want to add that extra charm and scent by placing the OFFICINALIS SETS of herbal plants, and will definitely want the AROMATIC PICTURES hanging on their walls because let’s admit it… it just takes a touch of LinfaDecor… to make the difference!

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