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The 2022 Spring/Summer LinfaDecor Magazine

The 2022 LINFADECOR SPRING COLLECTION is ready to bloom in your homes and business settings.
What are the new entries we have in store for you? Our Studio has launched something new in each listing of our Catalogue and once again, the incoming season will offer plenty of brand new creations!

Our new vases are on their way and will definitely steal the show because they are the offsprings of the finest Italian craftsmanship. The TR models are hand-made “terracotta” clay vases and the CM ones are made of cement paste. They all boast prime quality materials, all-purpose adaptability and are just simply perfect to host the new varieties of our preserved plants and trees.
For the delight of the ‘industrial-style’ fans, the FR vases have earned a pole-position in our Catalogue and these Steel sculptures are suitable furnishing assets for any kind of setting.

We have deeply appreciated how much you love our Preserved Olive Trees, and this has inspired us to design yet another type of creation featuring this Mediterranean plant: the MIDGET OLIVE TREES which can become amazing centrepieces on your pieces of furniture or simply just placed on desks or office table-tops.

And what about having an artistic masterpiece as a mirror? Well then our INCANTO mirror is exactly what you’re looking for, and guess what, it is decorated with inserts of preserved greenery of course!

Furthermore, we have brand new, innovative Greenery Frameworks starring ARDESIA, SICILIAN MAJOLICAS and MULTI- COLOUR LICHEN. However, that’s not all, the above-mentioned creations are just a few of the sixteen latest new entries you will find in our Catalogue!
LinfaDecor wishes you a Happy Spring season!


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