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Mountain Fern

This is a very common species in Italy and has spread all over the regions of.the country; it can be found growing on the islands too: from the lowlands at sea-level up to the mountain peaks over 2000 mts high.

Sizes: high cm 160/170 diam. 80/100

Vase: the vase is included and it is an innovative trendy model made of cellulose fibre, both flexible and washable at 30° C in the washing machine.You can choose how to model and alter the vase by bending it into classical shaped pots or in unusual modern or easily assembled shapes to add that extra special touch to your interior design furnishings.Its scrambled look makes it rather appealing, authentic and somewhat vintage style.The vase is available in two colour shades Havana and Pearl Grey.

Plants:Mountain fern.

Information: the plants are 100% organic and it is natural that their size and shape vary compared to the pictures in which they are illustrated . Such differences are more than natural. In Nature, no plant is ever exactly the same and such differences must not become the cause of complaints or disputes or be regarded as defaults. it is completely normal that plants vary naturally.