Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Mini Ulivo

They have the same characteristics as their corresponding authentic life-size trees and this is exactly why they have becone the ideal solution for furnishing small flats or office corner spaces. They are exquisite preserved Green miniature plants which come in vases portraying natural lanscapes.

Sizes: diam. of foliage 70/80cms; height 100/110cms

Colours available: Natural Green

Species: Mediterranean- type Olive Tree

Vase portraying natural landscape: Colours available: mint-green, graphite-grey, cream colour.


The materials used are 100% organic and it is therefore obvious that the preserved plants boast the exact same characteristics as real-life plants do. As far as their natural shapes and sizes are concerned, there is a possibility that they might slightly differ from those illustrated in our catalogue pictures. It is highly unlikely to find  exact replicas of the same species in Nature because all plants vary due to natural causes. We therefore point out that the differences you might encounter in our preserved plants cannot be considered as defaults and, as a consequence, may not be liable for any further complaints on behalf of our customers.