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Mini rust

Mini Rust  is the smallest greenery frame of the whole Metal Rust Collection. This square- shaped frame is available in two formats: 15x15cms and 30x30cms. Its design recalls the concept of Time passing by and it practically gives Mother Nature a second chance to prevail. In a bold and defiant way, the natural elements embodied by preserved plants,  guarantee an evergreen and  timeless effect, whilst creating a shocking contrast with the old- looking, recycled materials with which they have been combined. In fact, the clustered greenery helps give the  frames a new and improved look, bringing them back to life, just like a painter does with a blank canvas. The Mini Rust frameworks are decorative and made out of Corten steel plates with rust- like effects, or simply  raw- finish steel plates which, together with the preserved greenery applications,  turn into exclusive wall furnishing frameworks. You may choose the type of greenery you best  prefer, as well as what type of steel plates you want it or them to be in, so as to form different and various creative combinations to dress up your walls with.

Sizes: 30x 30cms, 15x 15 cms.

Greenery: Forest-type preserved green plants in a wide range of Autumn colour shades.

Materials: Corten- effect steel plates or raw- finish steel plates.

Fitting: hanging

Extras included: hanging hooks, wall- fixing kit of support- screws, felt pads to place on the back side of the frame, user instruction manual and cleansing directives leaflet.