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Mediterranean Style vases

These are green plant arrangements, completely hand-made, boasting different varieties of preserved greenery such as the Alpine Rhubarb, Rosemary, Lavendar and Myrtle. The attractive icy-tainted colour shades of the plants match the modern, finely polished concrete vases in which they come. These Mediterranean-style Vases are available in 3 different sizes, which when placed on the ground, serve as fancy decorative assets . They would look great in private homes, professional spaces, offices, restaurants and in hotels too. If you wish to add that extra stylish touch, we kindly advise you to get one in each size and place them next to each other, according to their sizes…and there you go, you will have created a handsome trio which will fill your settings and guarantee an exclusive, fresh and natural- looking atmosphere.

Large: diam. 30cms/ height 100cms

Medium: diam. 20cms/ height 85cms

Small: diam. 15cms/ height 60cms