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Mediterranean Dusk

Mediterranean Dusk

Red seems to be the predominant colour of this type of Sicilian heritage. It recalls the reddish shades which dye the sky at sunset. Some of the tiles go from sparkling blue colour shades to yellow, then fading to Tiffany-green like colours. Plain black and red ones are scattered around too. The preserved greenery added helps recall the warm colours of the sky at sunset over the sea, with dashes of bright red and orange.

Design: Franco Ariazzi

Sizes: 20x20cms/ 40x40cms/ 60x60cms/ 80x80cms and 80x30cms/ 120x40cms. All sizes are custom-made. Indicative depth cms 20/25/30

Framework material: old Oakwood

Greenery: all the kinds of Forest-type Preserved Greenery and Foliage

Positioning: hanging