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Mediterranean Dawn

Mediterranean Dawn

The pastel-like colours are emblematic in this very delicate-looking design item inspired by the soft colour shades typically seen in skies at dawn and which aims to convey the same peaceful feeling we get at this particular time of day. The Majolica tiles have been placed in an alternating sequence going from the single-colour light blue ones to the more detailed shades of antique rose, pastel light blues, lemon yellow and brown ones. Eucalyptus branches, pink flowers and ocre-coloured tufts fill this first type of Mediterranean-like beauty.

Design: Franco Ariazzi

Sizes: 20x20cms/ 40x40cms/ 60x60cms/ 80x80cms and 80x30cms/ 120x40cms. All sizes are custom-made. Indicative depth cms 20/25/30

Framework material: old Oakwood

Greenery: all the kinds of Forest-type Preserved Greenery and Foliage

Positioning: hanging