Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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Table multi- functional holder for menus, business cards or brochures. Lock is a decorative asset especially designed to be placed on table tops or desks . It is a double-sided, self- supporting frame which can either be filled with  Forest- type preserved plants and greenery or preserved aromatic and medicinal herbs. It is meant to be handy and useful for both catering purposes in hotels and restaurants, as well as in professional studios. Lock is both a menu and business card holder, as well as being an eye- catching ornamental asset in the decorative furnishing of your commercial spaces. You can choose what type of wood you want it made of, be it Oak, Fir, Walnut, Larch or Beech and you can also choose what type of preserved greenery to fill it with. This freedom of choice enables our clients to create numerous different combinations so as to then decorate, in an original and exclusive way,  their dining and reception halls, as well as their showrooms, entertainment premises and professional settings too.

Sizes: 15x10x15 cms.

Greenery: Forest- type green plants and foliage, or a choice of aromatic and medicinal herbs.

Materials: solid Beech, Walnut, Oak, Cedar, Larch and Fir hardwood.

Fitting: standing ( upright positioning)