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Hickory Trunks

Hickory Trunks

National Hickory Trunk:


 Large        Cm 30×30  h 100

 Medium  Cm 30×30 h    60

 Small         Cm 30×30 h 40

 Wood: Old Hickory Solid Wood.

Finish:  natural with refined oils that stand out the beauty and the aesthetical quality of the wood. 

Inserts: stabilized northern lichen, recessed at the same level of the plane (colours optionally)

Originating from middle-west Asia, hickory has been introduced to Europe in old age for its edible fruits. In Italy it is diffused along all peninsula and islands till 1000 m highness. Its wood is very refined, hard, solid, resistant and it is used for the manufacturing of furniture and parquet floors… Very used as ornamental tree in parks and gardens too, it is a wood generally cherished from furniture and furnishing producers. The shearing produces wonderful veneers, especially from the first part of the trunk (the so-called foot) and from the roots. It has been used for cabinetworks for many centuries and, historically, it has been associated to the furniture of Queen Anne period.  Nowadays hickory is used for furniture and decorative panel systems; it is used as solid wood for fine woodworking, to produce wooden balls and other refined articles. Among the numerous usages, mostly in Italy, it is the favourite wood for gun grips and rifle butts.                

Possible defects, cracks or tone differences are not subject of objection: in Nature there is not a tree similar to another one. Wood is an ALIVE material and can have a natural adaptation, mainly due to weather conditions. This is the evidence and pride of purchasing a hand-made article, exclusively original.    

Download data sheet of lichen colors