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Haiku plant composition coat hanger

Tropical spice plant leaves have been  interwoven with Hydrangea flowers and  inserted behind overlapping painted iron panels boasting antique bronze finishings. This abstract- looking item has managed to represent the attractive but contrasting combination of geometrical shapes and static cold materials with the harmonious warmth of Nature. A delicate inspiration recalling the stream of  light rays reflecting on a small pond. A 3D picture has magically turned into an object of everyday- life use.

HAIKU is not only a simple, handy coat hanger, it is an artistic and decorative masterpiece to be admired  from all sides.

Design: Studio Linfadecor.

Sizes: 110x75x13 cms –  75×75 x13 cms

Positioning: Suspended, hanging either horizontal or vertical.

Material: iron antique bronze finish

Weight: 110×75 kg 25 – 75×75 kg 18

Plants: tropical leaves of aromatic spices, hydrangea.