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Dolmen cell phone holder

DOLMEN is the hand-made cell phone holder carved out of Stone Pine Wood which has a very peculiar scent and boasts extraordinary beneficial effects such as enabling people to feel relaxed. The Stone Pine Wood is originally obtained from the Arolla Pine Tree (Pinus Cembra). This type of tree is found growing at altitudes over 1800 mts and is quite widespread in the Dolomite mountain ranges where, it has become an icon of the local craftsmanship. This particular sort of wood is renowed for its multiple benefits, such as having anti-bacterial properties as well as soothing effects which consequently help people relax. Its perfume and scent seemingly reduce the heart-beat rate enabling us to fall asleep more easily. This is infact why it is often used to make bedroom furniture. The DOLMEN cell phone holder is an ornament designed and destined to remain on desktops for obvious practical reasons. It can be permanently placed on office furniture, in work stations and even on bedside tables in the bedroom.  It will not only be at hand reach, but thanks to its special scent, it will also help guarantee a good night’s sleep! The preserved decorative inserts which embellish this handy and trendy asset are in Star-shaped Moss. This type of Moss is called this way because it flourishes in star-shaped patterns.

DOLMEN is available in two different models.It can either be a single or a dual smart-phone holder. If you choose the model which holds just one phone, you will have the opportunity of deciding whether you want to have it in a horizontal or vertical position.

Sizes: 20x10x10cms H  ( horizontal model) 10x10x20cms H ( vertical model)

Greenery: Preserved Star- shaped Moss.

Materials: Stone Pine Wood

Fitting: standing ( upright positioning)