Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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“Poetic” or “Vintage”, or then again “Modern” or typical” French Provencal” style are only a few of the numerous adjectives we could use to describe  the new and trendy partitioning element.

It is characterized by it’s symmetrical design so that it can easily fit in the spaces you have in mind to place it.This trendy but yet stylish item will give your indoor spaces a new typical look and allow you to save space.

Design: Studio Linfadecor

Sizes: 120×210×40cms, 90x180x40 cms, 60x120x40cms.

Material: Full iron frames

Finishings: Transparent varnish

Plants: Tree-climbing Ivy

Colour shades available: Natural Green, Autumn Orange,Autumn Tobacco and Camouflage.