Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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California Plant

One of the main advantages of the stabilizing procedure of plant preservation is to make exotic plants available to the public: it is nowadays possible for us to display rare specimens of Nature in our offices and homes. Plants, like for example the California tree, which would normally perish if removed from their natural habitat, can , once they undergo the specific treatment, continue to live unaltered and boast their eternal beauty thanks to these advanced innovative techniques. This  plant grows in the desert in California and Nevada and survives long periods of drought and endures all kinds of temperatures. Its wavy- shaped trunk has been modelled by the constant exposure to strong winds and gales, has been polished and rendered smooth, and  is of a reddish sunburnt colour.

SIZES: 180/190 cms – 150/160 cms – 100/110 cms

N.B: The materials are 100% organic and, as a consequence, no plant or tree will ever be the same size, shape or colour. The size of each item may differ to those portrayed in the pictures of our catalogue. The slight differences are due to natural phenomena and for this reason we are thus not liable for any future complaints. The unique characteristic of each and everyone of them is a wonder of Nature.

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