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Preserved Aralia plant

This plant belongs to the family of the Araliaceae . It was originally found in North America, Asia and Australia , where it still keeps on growing. Most of the species of this type of plant grow and spread within the area of mountain forests and woods.

Size: cm 120/130  diam. 70/90

Colours: Nature Green

The vase is not included. The tree is delivered in a pvc pot. (Not suitable for furnishing purposes) We advise our customers to choose one of the following suitable models of vases for this particular type of tree: quadra, gaudì big,  gaudì small. These models can be seen in the pictures hereby attached . Take a look in our catalogue in the section “Vases”.

N.B. The materials used are 100% organic and as a consequence, no plant or tree will ever be the same   shape , colour or size.The  size of each item may differ to those portrayed in the pictures of our catalogue. These slight differences are due to natural phenomena and,for this reason, we are thus not liable for any future complaints.  The unique characteristic of each and every one of them is a  wonder of Nature.

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