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Vegetable Balcony Balcù

Balcù  is an ornamental wall panel structure with multiple, retractable hide-away storage containers. The name Balcu derives from the local dialect spoken in the region of Brescia, in Northern Italy, and it literally means  ” balcony”. This alternative piece of furniture has four rotating shelf compartments in which preserved greenery arrangements have been placed.  Preserved Mediterranean-type miniature trees such as Olive, Beech and Oak, form an array of  tiny  green spots spread out on each shelf at various alternating heights. This small-scale hanging Gardens of Babylon-type ,clustered greenery, turns into a multi- functional decorative asset fit to be hung in your private or business settings.

Deesign: Franco Ariazzi

Panel finishings: wax- paste background boards, hazy- grey colour balconies.

Greenery: Olive, Beech and Oak miniature trees and hanging plants and foliage.

Size: cms 140x 40 x 90 H

Fitting: hanging