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Trio preserved greenery framework

The Tamarind Moss, with its curly wooden weave, is the eye- catching element of this trendy three-piece framework. These are purely decorative assets and consist in three different frames stuck together. You can choose the colours of the frames from the range of colour shades which are available, as well as what colour you want the Tamarind Moss and Lichen to be. The purpose of this original trio of framed panels is to help our clients cherish their memories of past special occasions. The idea of having a choice of numbers and letters to place on the two smaller frames also helps people recall significant dates. The coloured Lichen helps highlight the contrasting effect with the background frame and turns this unison of custom- made frameworks into exclusive  decorative assets.

Sizes:  Large: 115x115cms/ depth: 20cms , Medium: 93x93cms/ depth: 20cms. Small: 70x70cms/ depth: 20cms

Colourings: a choice of Tamarind Moss as background and a choice of numbers or letters in the range of dyes available

Frame finishings: please download the technical data info sheet.

Extras included: hanging frame hooks mounted on the frame; assembly kit of scews and wall plugs provided; felt pads to be placed on the back side of the frame; booklet containing the general instructions of use; handy guide with cleansing tips.

Download data sheet Download data sheet of lichen colors