Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

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The Tangram is a thousand-year-old game deriving from old CHINA. It is the puzzle dissection of a square into 7 geometrical shapes: four isosceles triangle, a square and a parallelogram. By matching conveniently the Tangram pieces, it is possible to create an infinitive number of shapes, sometimes so expressive to seem alive and articulated. 

An object basically game; thanks to the insertion of the lichen in all its colour range it becomes an extraordinary furnishing accessory. 

With TAN  it is possible to give birth to many and original representations; in office, at home or in any other environment where design and originality are integral part of the furniture. 

Together with the 7 pieces, a Tangram game in wood with all its many combinations will be delivered free of charge.

Closed dimension: cm 65 x 65 x 5

Material: polished white wood frame, stabilized natural lichen; colours optionally according to the sample case

Position: wall

Download data sheet of lichen colors