Muri, pareti e oggetti realizzati con piante stabilizzate

Stabilized plants

Stabilized plants and flowers are completely natural and ecological.
The result of a unique process of conservation of plants consisting in the substitution of the lymph with a product for a stabilizing treatment.
Plants and flowers do not need any maintenance:

  • No water
  • No soil
  • No need of light

and they last for approximately 10 years.

The process


Flowers, plants and leaves are collected during their best moment of their life cycle, while having their best aspect. Only after a meticulous selection they pass into the stabilization room. A micro climate is then recreated finding the perfect balance between humidity, heat and light. These conditions are constantly monitored. The plants are placed inside long bath tubs covered by a liquid glycerine base mixture, water and food coloring. During this process, that can last for a few days, the lymph of the plant evaporates and it is replaced by this new mixture.

In the end, the plants are rinsed and hanged to dry for a few days. Quality control and cleansing are performed before the plants are shipped.

The benefits

Stabilized trees, plants and flowers are perfectly suitable for the professional world: they do not need any kind of maintenance and they do not suffer climate attacks typical of indoor environment (lack of sunlight, climate shock given by heating in the winter and air conditioning during summer, etc.) and then it is possible to maintain a high quality vegetation all year long and indoor.

We have the pleasure of letting you know this kind of floral and vegetal decoration that matches the pleasant aspect, flexibility and freshness of the natural vegetation to the practicalness of the artificial things.

These are the advantages of having stabilized plants:

  • No need of irrigation
  • No need of soil or plant food
  • No need of light
  • No growth: the volume remains constant and under control
  • Chance of having outdoor plants indoor
  • They do not suffer climate differences due to air conditioning, heating, etc.

Instructions and advices

Stabilized plants are completely natural.
These are some of the precautions to be followed to ensure freshness and best life duration:

  • Do not expose for a long time to direct sunlight when placed beyond a glass
  • Do not irrigate, vaporize or clean with water
  • Use them only indoors
  • Maintain an hygrometric rate not higher than 70%


Unlike artificial plants, stabilized plants do not charge electrostatically so they do not attract dust.
We advise you to dust them occasionally, using a simple hairdryer.