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Preserved Heather Bonsai

Heather is a type of shrub belonging to the Ericaceae family. It is a genus of 700 different evergreen species of Ericaceous flower plants. All sorts of Heather are evergreen and have small, needle- shaped leaves measuring 2-15 mms. These plants blossom profusely and their numerous flowers are mostly used for decorative purposes. Most of the different types of Ericaceous flower plants ( around 660 different sorts), are usually known to grow in South Africa where they are mainly found in the Fynbos, the typical landscape of the region surrounding Cape Town which is renowed for the multitude of flower blossomings. The remaining species originate in other parts of Africa and Europe ( particularly in the Mediterranean region characterised by the Heather- clad moorlands and fields).

Sizes: cms 60×40 H 55/65

Cement flower vase included. Available in the following colour shades: cement- grey or mud- brown colour.